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Download PAK Army initial test MCQs [PDF]

PAK Army initial test is neither very easy nor very hard. It is in between of it; however, if you are prepared well by practicing PAK Army initial test MCQs, so you can ace the exam.

Download PAK Army initial test MCQs:

Each PMA(Pakistan Military Academy) initial test online preparation consists of 40 MCQs along with the correct choices; moreover, you can also practice for the exam online.

PAK Army initial test MCQs Syllabus:

Pak Army initial test MCQs Syllabus consists of two parts. One part is the PMA intelligence test, and the other one is the PMA Academic Test. You have to score well in order to qualify for the exam.

PMA Intelligence Test:

PMA Intelligence checks all about checking your IQ; therefore, you should mentally prepare for this test by practicing IQ-based questions.

The PMA Intelligence Test contains two parts. The first one is Verbal Intelligence Test, and the other one Non-verbal Intelligence Test. Both of these tests consist of 85-100 MCQs.

Before proceeding the PMA Academic test, a candidate must required to pass the both of above Intelligence tests. If if you fail to pass the exam, so the computer screen will tell you “Better Luck Next Time!”.

We have also provided some resources below by which you can easily ace your PMA Intelligence Test. These resources have high-quality and actual test material. These resources also have highlighted repeated questions and you can easily find them; furthermore, it also has Time Management Strategies which will ultimately help you to ace the exam.

 PMA Intelligence Test PDF

Prepare for PMA Intelligence Test from PDF

PMA Academic Test:

Those candidates, who have successfully passed the PMA Academic Test, can give PMA Academic Test. For some students, PMA Academic Test is comparatively easier than both PMA Intelligence tests.

PMA Academic Test consists of 40 MCQS, and there is a fair time for a candidate to solve them. If you are able to pass the PMA Academic Tes and both PMA Intelligent tests with decent numbers, then, there is a chance for you!

The PMA Academic Test contains MCQS from the following subjects; thus, you have to prepare hard in order to ace this part of the exam!

  • Math
  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Islamiat
  • Pakistan Studies

You must be able to cover all important topics of the above subjects by following the topics pattern of the PAK Army initial test.

PAK army initial test MCQs online resources:

Since many people prepare for the PMA intelligent Test and do not prefer preparing for the academic test, this seems to be worthless. Because once you pass the PMA intelligent Test, it is necessary for you to pass the PMA Academic test too. Therefore, you should seek the PMA Academic test too.

There are a lot of resources by which you can easily prepare for PAK Army initial test MCQs. But the best ones, which helps you to ace PAK Army initial test MCQs, are:

PMA long course Online Tests

Most Important Solved Verbal MCQs

PAK Army initial test passing marks:

Passing the initial test with at least a 50% score is mandatory for all the candidates; if you fail to do so, so you will be advised to try next time; however, if you pass the text, so you should imminently move to the next screen.

Furthermore, if you prepare from the resources that we have provided, so you can easily ace the exam with more marks than the required marks.

PMA long course 148 book PDF download:

Preparing from PMA long course 148 book sounds great if you have the enthusiasm to join PAK Army; indeed, you can ace the exam after preparing from this book. You can also easily download the PMA long course 148 books from the following link:

PMA long course 148 book PDF

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