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Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Death Reality. Dr Abdul Qadeerr Khan is dead?

Everyone is posting on their Facebook walls about Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Death. But I will tell you the reality that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is dead or alive? The man who developed atomic power for Pakistan is in danger. He died today on 10th Oct 2021.

My real life hero, mohsin e pakistan dr abdul qadeer khan is no more. He made pakistan a nuclear power and made us undefeatable. May his soul rest in peace.

This type of post is being posted on the walls of dr Abdul Qadeer khan fans. This is the saddest news we hear early in the morning. But now I will tell you is Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan’s death news is real or fake.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Death

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Death:

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has died on 10th October 2021. Fake news is being circulated on social media platforms about his death. But the real news is he is still alive. He was tested positive for Covid 19 but he is still alive.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is ill?

Pakistani state media announced on Thursday that Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Kadir Khan, usually known as AQ Khan, was granted to a military hospital later testing positive for COVID-19.
According to Pakistan’s Associated Press, Khan, who is 85 years old was admitted to Khan Research Laboratory Hospital on August 26.
Khan’s health declined due to disease and he was hooked up to a ventilator at the hospital.
The country’s main opposition leader and previous ruling party leader, Sheikhbaz Sharif, said: “The news that Pakistan’s Dr. Abdul Kadir Khan from Fahl (proud of Pakistan) changed to a respiratory device is very shocking. people are upset and sad. ”

Muslim League of Pakistan. -Nawaz,

He asked the whole country to pray for Khan’s speedy return. Khan was born in Bhopal, India in 1936 and shifted to Pakistan with his family after the division of the subcontinent in 1947.
Abdul Kadir Khan, an engineer of Pakistan’s nuclear program, fell out of favor with the country’s military institutions during the government of General Pervez Musharraf.

He was placed under house arrest in 2004, but after the end of he was released in 2009. Musharraf government. Khan has reached the country’s nuclear program for approximately 25 years and is acknowledged as Pakistan’s national hero.


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