renna mobile internet packages

Renna Mobile Internet is used in Oman. Renna mobile packages are listed here to get internet packages at a low cost. Oman has 5 networks at this time. One of them is renna mobile.

Renna Mobile is providing the best services for some past years. Renna mobile internet packages are less costly and it is the fastest in speed.

Renna Mobile Internet Packages.

RO 55 GB30 Days*181*5530#
RO 6.5006 GB 30 Days *181*6505#

RO 8.4008 GB 30 Days *181*808#

RO 15.75022 GB 30 Days *181*1530#
RO 10.50012 GB 30 Days *181*1015#

Internet packages for renna mobile are listed in this table. The price starts from RO 5 to RO 15.750. The data plan starts from 5 GB to 25 GB. Their time period is 30 days in all packages. Activation codes are different for different packages. Check Jazz free internet codes

renna mobile internet packages
renna mobile internet packages

Renna Mobile Oman Internet Plans.

Price Data Validity Activation
300 Bz  95 MB3 Days*181*001#
500 Bz 190 MB3 Days*181*001#
RO  1950 MB1 Day*181*111#
RO  1300 MB7 Days*181*001#
RO  2.100750 MB 14 Days*181*2000#
RO 2.5001.25 GB30 Days*181*2505#
RO  31.5 GB30 Days*181*0315#
RO 3.5002 GB30 Days*181*3505#
RO  4.2002.5 GB30 Days*181*4005#
RO 4.5003 GB30 Days*181*4505#
RO  55 GB30 Days*181*5530#
RO  2125 GB 30 Days*181*20005#

This is the best combination of renna mobile internet plans. In this plan data packages start at less cost. that’s the reason it is the user’s favorite plan. The Price to activate this package starts from RO 1 to RO 21. Data storage starts from 19 MB to 25 GB.

The validity of this program is 1 Day to 30 Days and activation codes are different for different kind of packages.

Renna Mobile Data Plan Oman.

Price with VAT DATA   Validity Activation
2.100300 MB Anytime + 700 MB Night30 Days*181*2002#
3.150750 MB Anytime + 1000 MB Night30 Days*181*3002#
8.4003 GB Anytime + 4 GB Night30 Days*181*8002#

This is the day-night data plan. It’s price starts from RO 2.100 to 8.400. Data storage is 300 Mb to 4 Gb. The Validity of this plan is 30 Days. The activation code is different for different packages.

Renna Mobile Data Plan.

2.000 1.5 GB  Night30 Days*181*51#
3.0003 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
4.0004 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
5.0006 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
8.00010 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
12.00015 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
15.00020 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#

This plan also provides a pricing rate from OMR 2.000 to 15.000. Data storage is 1.5 GB to 20 GB. The validity of this plan is 30 days. The activation code is different for different packages.

Renna Mobile Online Recharge.

You must have a question that how to recharge renna mobile. Here is the complete guide how to recharge renna mobile online.

  1. Go to recharge.rennamobile

2. On the right-hand side. Enter the required details.

3. In captcha enter the text showing.

4. Select the payment method debit/credit card.

5. Select recharge. Renna mobile will be recharged.

how to get internet settings for renna mobile

MMS Settings

Using Renna Mobile you can send Multi-Media Messages (MMS) to all national and many international mobile numbers. Before doing it please do sure your phone is configured with the resulting settings. Please ask the user guide of your phone for a complete description of how to configure these settings for your specific phone

NameRenna MMS
UsernameNo username required. Leave it blank
PasswordNo password required. Leave it blank
APN Typemms
MMS Proxy192.168.203.35
MMS Port8080

How to check balance in renna mobile

To check the balance in renna mobile. Dial *1812*# on your mobile dialer. Renna mobile available balance will be shown.


In this article, we have discussed the best internet packages of renna mobile. How to activate that packages? How to check balance in renna mobile? How to get internet setting for renna mobile. Alot of detailed queries are discussed here in this article.

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