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Scom Free Internet Codes and Packages 2022

.Everyone needs scom free internet to run free youtube, facebook and google. The SCOM telecom network is Pakistan’s largest cellular provider, servicing many districts in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan for residents of these areas. They provide SMS packages to customers at cheaper rates than most other carriers while also offering Internet service with 3G/4G speeds starting from 2016!

The best packages of SCOM telecom network is to implement internet packages. SCOM is the first telecom network that provides 3G and 4G from 2016, SCOM also provides several free internet packages by amazing simple codes, which many customers don’t understand how they can do these internet packages and their activation codes. Check Jazz free internet codes.

scom free internet
scom free internet codes

Scom Free Internet 

You can use unlimited internet if you have bought a new sim in Pakistan. SCOM internet settings are simple and easy to use for any new user. It has APN settings which are needed to be setup. How to perform settings in APN this will be your question. But If you see below I have given some settings below.

First Go to settings and select mobile phone networks. Then Select SIM SCOM. Click on APN and Create a NEW APN to use free internet.

Orange FREE APN Settings

  • Name SCOM FREE Internet
  • APN Internet
  • Proxy
  • Port 80
  • Username SCOM
  • Password 1234 or 0000

Keep these settings divert data on of SCOM and open any web browser on your mobile. After opening the browser Check that your SCOM balance or recharge is empty because while utilizing free internet SCOM your balance or recharge can be removed. Don’t attempt if you have recharge staying in SCOM.

Search the 0.freebasics.com from your mobile and you will be diverted to Kproxy.com. Open any website like YouTube.com to use the free internet. SCOM can finish this free internet assistance at any time. So, still check the balance and messages if you obtained from SCOM.

SCOM free internet packages.

Many Companies in Pakistan are presenting New SIM offers same like them SCOM is also providing free internet offer for 30 days. Users can easily activate free internet MBs on their SCOM Sim cards. This offer can only be used by prepaid users so It is an advise to use prepaid sim cards in Pakistan to use free data. Another good news is that you can also use free sim data by reactivating your old sim.You can also use sky vpn on SCOM but you can only connect this vpn when you have done APN settings.

To Activate free interne package dial *129#. All the customers who are reactivating their sim or who have bought a new sim they must dial this code. Another code for free internet is *767#.

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