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5 Bathroom Design Tips That Are a Must When You Do a Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms should be about mental and physical relaxation. Keeping a tidy bathroom brings benefits for the entire body. But what do you do when your bathroom lacks harmonization? Maybe it is time for bathroom remodeling. If you are a Marin County home owner then you should know that bathroom remodeling can be a dream come true without the entire fret you have heard about. A good contractor can help you with this project and help you finish it as soon as possible because nobody likes have a messy home for long.

You always need a plan if you want to redesign your bathroom. If you do not have a clue of what to do in your bathroom, a good contractor from Marin County can help you with some advices. A contractor should help you with the permit, suggest changes that you need, help you choose the right materials, secure subcontractor if it is the case, and give you some design ideas if you have none or too many.

You can change the look of your bathroom without spending all your money. How come? Here is what you should do:

  1. Select a motif for the bathroom

Bathrooms have different styles. If you have a modern house it is most likely that you want a modern bathroom design. If you live in a manor house you will probably choose different motifs for the bathrooms in your home but I bet you probably stick to a romantic or exotic style. When you are remodeling an old bathroom, space is very important. Big ideas do not go very good in a small bathroom. What do I mean? Redesigning a small bathroom must be done between some framed parameters. You will read about these parameters in the course of this article.

Internet and magazines are a good source for realizing what you need in your bathroom. You can like a style that is not suitable for a small bathroom. Usually, apartments in Marin County have small bathrooms and you should know how to rearrange them to get more space and have everything you need close to you.

Never forget that when you choose a style it should match to your personality, too. If you are a gadget freak then go and remodel your bathroom in a chic modern look that will surprise your friends. Be avant-garde if you love technology. Your personality and the bathroom should be interconnected. This way you will feel relaxed and enjoy good moments in the privacy of your own bathroom. So, do not forget that bathroom should be on the same line with your spirit.

  1. Change the colors in your bathroom

If you plan a bathroom remodeling I advise you to change the colors you have now. Why? This way you will really feel the change. You can leave the old tiles if you really like them and if they are in good condition. Choose a pastel color for the walls if you have a small bathroom or be bold and select a combination with a dark color for the tiles if you have a big bathroom. Like colors, a clear shower door glass fools the eye and makes the room seem larger.

  1. Bathroom furniture

Most people crowd bathrooms with lots of personal hygiene products and towels. If you lack deposit space, store some of the towels in another room and keep in your bathroom things that you use at this very moment. Open shelves are very good for small bathrooms. Enclosed cabinets are perfect for large bathroom.

If you have an old bathroom cabinet that you like and want to keep, you can modify its color and glue on funny stickers that match the bathroom motif.

  1. Add mirrors

Mirrors are excellent for any type of bathroom. Big mirrors make a room seem larger.

  1. Change the accessories

Buy new anti-slipping rugs. Many domestic accidents occur while people are in the bathroom. Change worn-out towels with new and fancy ones. You do not know how much they can change a bathroom if they match with the bathroom motif. Choose shower curtain and window curtain that have the same pattern. Match as many accessories as you can and are available on the market.

We all know how important a bathroom remodeling is. It can totally change an old bathroom into a pleasant and functional one. If you want to do a bathroom remodeling in Marin County do not forget that everything starts with a plan.

Elena Stefan

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