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Increment Is Right Of JESTsECTs going viral on social media #IncrementIsRightOfJESTsECTs

Increment Is Right Of JESTsECTs. A new trend is started on twitter on 3 Oct 2021 for teachers’ rights. JESTs, ECTs Teachers are not being given their basic right annual increment while all government employees are being given annual increment from contract period. This is a total injustice to teachers.

Increment Is Right Of JESTsECTs

Teachers have started a new campaign to request Education Minister Saeed Ghani and Education Secretary Ahmed Bakhsh Narejo to give their basic right annual increment.

Teacher’s Requested.

We appeal to the government to take notice of this and give us our right to an annual increment.
All teachers should record their protest on today’s date on Twitter with this hashtag.

Some Proofs of Teacher’s Protest.

Justice delayed is Justice denied According to 2017 policy we are on contract but new policy 2021 appointment Teachers will be permanent, & new batch will be seniors,this is the seriousness of policymakers, we wants justice.

Regularize the JEST and ECT of IBA passed 2018 teachers and start annual increment

We are the teachers of your children. increment and regularization from date of initial appointment is our right

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