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Microbiology Scope in Pakistan Jobs, Salary in 2022

Are you looking for microbiology scope in Pakistan in 2022? then you are at right place, so don’t miss the biggest opportunity of knowing the Microbiology scope in Pakistan. We will show you that where is microbiology used, what is microbiology, its scope in Pakistan in 2022 and its salary in Pakistan.

The microbiology is usually studied in BS level, It is a separate subject you have to choose if you are interested in it. You have to take admission in microbiology if you are interested in it. its scope is in Pakistan.

So, in this article, we will show you that what and where is microbiology used, what is role of microbiologists in Pakistan, career opportunities of microbiology, universities offering Bs microbiology, microbiology trends and salary of microbiologist in Pakistan. We will discuss all of these things in the following given list below.

List of Microbiology Scope in Pakistan:

In this article Microbiology scope in Pakistan, we will discuss about the different things on microbiology subject which are discussed in the following given list below.

  • What is Microbiology.
  • Scope of Bs microbiology in Pakistan.
  • Career prospects of Microbiology.
  • Universities for Microbiology in Pakistan.
  • Trends of Microbiologist in Pakistan.
  • Microbiologist Salary in Pakistan.

What is Microbiology:

 In this section of Microbiology Scope in Pakistan, we will discuss about What is Microbiology. So, basically, Microbiology is concerned with the study of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.

These organisms are involved in spoiling the crops. These organisms also cause certain disease in humans and animals. On the other hand, these organisms are also used in recombination of DNA technology to make synthetic hormones, vaccines and certain medications etc.

The job of microbiologist is to study and isolate these organisms. Their job is essential and beneficial for many fields such as agriculture, medicine and environments etc. Expert and qualified microbiologists get handsome job opportunities in many fields like food, agriculture, environment, dairy and medicine etc.

Scope of Bs Microbiology in Pakistan:

At first, you have to define scope. is it scope of learning or is it scope of doing job. If you want to learn Microbiology in Bs then it has a vast scope in Pakistan. after matriculation, you can start work in laboratory as a laboratory technician.

Microbiologist are expected to garner a passion for research. Quality research work is eligible for publications in national and international scientific journals. These publications are beneficial and essential for professional growth.

There are to types of microbiology. one is medical microbiology and other is just microbiology. The scope of simple microbiology is higher than medical microbiology. side by side, further education can also be pursued in the related field.

To became professional, you have to study as well in Bs level and after that you have to seek an additional qualification in one of the branch of microbiology, such as, zoology, virology and bacteriology etc. and further education like Master qualification increases your chance of getting up in the ladder of success.

Career Prospects of Microbiology:

There are different career prospects of Microbiology Scope in Pakistan. You have to choose you field in microbiology after BS level. then you have to do specialization in that your chosen field then you will get job easily in that field of microbiology.

  • Research microbiologist
  • Clinical microbiologist
  • Patent examiner
  • Pharmaceutical salesperson
  • Clinical biochemist
  • Immunologist
  • Toxicologists.  

 These are the following above career opportunities of microbiology in Pakistan. If you have done Bs in Microbiology and you are interested in microbiology, then these are the following given career opportunities which we have discussed above. you can choose any of them in which you are interested.

Universities for Microbiology in Pakistan:

In the previous article, we have discussed about 1st Year Result 2022 Karachi Board, but in this article we will only discuss about Microbiology Scope in Pakistan. in this section we will discuss about the universities of Pakistan which are offering admissions in microbiology.

There are different universities which are offering admissions in microbiology in Pakistan at BS level. you can apply any of them as your requirement and which is best suits your personality. here is the following list of universities in Pakistan offering microbiology.

1. Gomal University D.i. Khan
2. Abbottabad University Of Science And Technology, Abbottabad
3. University Of Agriculture Faisalabad
4. Government College University, Faisalabad
5. Hazara University [havellian Campus] Havelian
6. University Of Haripur, Haripur
7. Quaid-e-azam University Islamabad
8. Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad
9. University Of Sindh Jamshoro
10. University Of Karachi
11. Federal Urdu University Of Arts Science &Technology, Karachi
12. Kohat University Of Science &Technology Kohat
13. Shah Abdul Latif University, Khair Pur
14. Hazara University, Mansehra

15. University of Punjab, Lahore.
16. Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
17. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar
18. University Of Okara
19. Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
20.Women University Mardan, Mardan
21. Government College University, Lahore

These are some of the universities of Pakistan which are offering admissions in microbiology in Pakistan at Bs level. You can apply any of them as your requirement. and if you want to find microbiology department then just type microbiology+ university name in the google search bar.

This will show you the search being done by the people living in your city or country. after searching you will see a graph, now what does it means? it means that how much people are searching for microbiology in Pakistan, like it is being searched for last 12 months.

This website will tell you the whole data. this data from google tends is very interested and beneficial for KPK and Sindh people. because people of Sindh and Khyber pakhtunkhwa are more interested in this field and occupation then people of Punjab.

Microbiologists Salary in Pakistan:

This section will tell you about the salaries of microbiologists in Pakistan. The microbiologists can earn from 25000Rs upto 30000Rs as a beginner in Pakistan. The average salary of microbiologist in Pakistan 30,787Rs per month.

Salaries estimates are based on 20 salaries submitted anonymously to indeed by microbiologist employees, users and collected from past and present job advertisements on indeed in the past 36 months.

If you are landed in a good company and an employee of a good company then you can earn from 80000Rs upto 100000Rs per month. Here the list given below will show you the sector-wise salaries in Pakistan.

  • Manufacturing (Rs. 50,000 per month)
  • Packaging (Rs. 50,000 per month)
  • FMCG (Rs. 85,571 per month)
  • Home Appliances (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Engineering (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Group/Conglomerate (Rs. 71,676 per month)
  • IT/Technology (Rs. 61,676 per month)
  • Textile (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Transport (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Banking/Financial (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Consulting (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Health Care (Rs. 100,000 per month)

These are some of fields in microbiology and with that salaries are also given in Pakistan.

You can find microbiology job in 2022 in Pakistan by following websites:

These are some of websites by which you can find job in microbiology in Pakistan in 2022 easily.

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