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pronewsofitem.com – Make Money Online with Snack Video

pronewsofitem provides the best tips to make money online. It is an online website that provides you the information related to making money online. We all know that snack video is the real app through which we can make money. pronewsofitem guides about making money with snack video. Check Jazz Free internet Codes.

Snack Video Secret Earning Method from pronewsofitem

This website also provides you the best and secret earning method of snack video app.

2- Create Your account with a Google account or phone number and verify your account.
3- Click on the Gold rotating icon and there You will see your invitation code or invitation link.
4- Copy the link and Share it with your friends to install the snack video app.
5- If any of your friends already have installed the snack video app then send your code to him and ask him to paste your code.
6- When you earn some coins they will be transferred into cash after some time.
7- Then Select on Withdraw and choose Your amount and choose a payment method.
8- Easy paisa is the best payment method and you will see withdrawal immediately.
This was the complete procedure to earn money with snack app

Make Money with Copyright Free articles

The owner of this blog Shafique Jafry also shared the best method to make money from copyright-free articles. But here is a question arises that how you can make money from this? Don’t worry I will also share the complete strategy.

So to do this work you have to copy and paste the articles. First of all you have to find big websites and copy their content. Then open google translate and paste that content over there. Now select the language in which you want to translate your content. I will prefer the Urdu language

Once you select the language your English article will automatically convert into Urdu. Now copy that translated article and paste it on your website. Now your website will get visitors and visitors will give you earnings. If your website is Adsense approved then you can make money through it.

Earn Money with Handy Pick

pronewsofitem also shares the best method for earning. This method is on the handy pick. Handy pic is a great app through which you can earn and withdraw your money easily. Handy Pick has one best quality that they give withdraw in Easypaisa and jazzcash.

This is good news you can withdraw your earnings in Pakistan. Handy pick is a best platform to make money without investment. I really like this for students because students can earn their schools, and colleges expenses through this app.

There are three ways to make money from handypick.

  • Play games and earn money.
  • Refer your friends and earn money.
  • Like and post comments to earn money.

Big Sheikh earning app.

Big sheikh is the new earning app through which you can earn money from your mobile. It is the biggest e-commerce app through which you can sell and buy different things throughout Pakistan.

Steps to earn money with BigSheikh App:

  1. Installing the BigSheikh App:
    Find the BigSheikh App on your phone. Click on the BigSheikh Icon and start the App
  2. Search for the goods:
    Search for the product you are seeming for. You can go to stores and find many opportunities to choose from. Choose the product. You will be ready to see the opening price of the product that you have decided to share.

3. Share on WhatsApp:
So, once you get the product, you have to share the items in WhatsApp by hitting on the option” Share on WhatsApp”.

  1. Select the contact details:
    So, once you select the product, you can share it. Choose the contact details and hit on the right arrow, enclosed in a green circle.

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