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Mashriq TV Live Series – Mashriq TV Online is a Peshawar-based, Pashto-language news channel. This is a 24 hour deprivation. The news is in Pashto. This is especially true for Pashto people. The registered office is in Peshawar. Its program is about current affairs, culture and so on. You can watch the Eastern News series live on

Mashriq TV is a 24-hour news channel based in Pakistan. It was found on August 14, 2016. It is the first regional news channel to broadcast news, current affairs and entertainment. Mashriq tv broadcasts pashto news and it is Peshawar based channel. It provides minute to minute news of Peshawar.

FAQs and their answers

Question 1: What is Middle TV Live?
Mashriq TV is a live news channel based in Pakistan.

Question 2: Is Mashriq free to watch TV?
Yes, it’s free to watch.

Question 3: What kind of channel is Mashriq TV live?
This is a news channel.

Q4: When can we watch Mashriq TV live?
You can watch it anytime.

Q5: What kind of content does Mashriq TV release?
It contains news content.

Q6: How to watch Mashriq TV live?
You can watch it on TV, cable, dish, mobile, computer and tablet.

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