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Shomaila and Hassam Divorce – Pakistani Famous YouTubers Parted their ways

Hassam and Shomaila are the famous youtubers and last night we heard about shomaila and hassam divorce. We were not accepting this news because this couple was one of the loving couples. They were very happy in their life but then what happened? that they have to separate their ways.

Hassam awan shared this sad news yesterday night that shomaila has left him. He has not seen his daughter from the 8 days.

shomaila and hassam

Who are Hassam and Shomaila?

Hassam and Shomaila are among the best YouTubers and social media influencers in Pakistan. Shomaila is recognized as Shomzi in the world of Insta and YouTube. And no uncertainty they both have millions of fans following on social media.

Here we show you an exciting thing that Shomaila and Hassam have been partnered with for 10 long years and they have also graced the parents of a beautiful daughter Husna Binte Hassam.

Hassam And Shomaila Parted Their Ways
Hassam and shomaila divorce

Shomaila and Hassam Divorce

Famous YouTubers Shomaila and Hassam Ahmed have left their ways after 10 years. Newly Influencer Hassam Ahmed has given some sad stories to his Instagram. While their fans are sad after identifying this news.

Celebrated Pakistani you tuber Shomaila Hassam Ahmed has left their ways after 10 years of thier marriage. While they were one of the greatest favorite YouTube couples all over social media. Hassam Ahmed took his Instagram to publish this news. Newly he has shared a couple of stories on his Instagram.

Here are some pictures of hassam and shomaila from their Instagram account.

Hassam And Shomaila Parted Their Ways
Shomaila Hassam Ahmed


Shomaila Hassam Ahmed
Shomaila Hassam Ahmed
Shomaila Hassam Ahmed

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