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UK Girls WhatsApp Numbers for friendship 2022

Nowadays Everyone needs a girl to make friendship. For that they need girls whatsapp numbers to chat. Today I will share UK girls WhatsApp numbers. So you can make new friends out of country. We know uk  girls are really beautiful and we all want to make them our friends. But today your this dream will become true. Because I will share real numbers of girls to chat. 

UK Girls Whatsapp Numbers 2022

Young boys like you need girls to chat and enjoy. UK girls are very beautiful. They are interested to chat with young pakistani boys because they get bored staying at home all the day. And they want to make new friends from different countries of the world. They want to check how are the people of other countries.

But before chatting to these girls there are some rules to chat with them. So they are not disturbed with your messages and they can reply you in good mood. Lets read those rules. Also Check Karachi Girls WhatsApp number

Rules to Chat with UK Girls

To get UK girls whatsApp number must follow these rules

  • Never directly call to her without taking permission.
  • Don’t message again and again if she is not replying. She is busy may be that’s why she is not replying to you.
  • Wait for her reply and then again message.
  • Try to message her at early in morning because at this time their is night in UK. So mostly girls wants to chat at night time.
  • Never send any picture or video without her permission.
  • Never ask for her nude pictures.

UK School Girls Whatsapp Numbers.

uk girls whatsapp numbers

Sashe Sima +445823662982 14
Anaya Jacks +445823342983 15
Fira Jackia +445823679872 17
Stephanie +445826762965 12
Carliy +445823666987 13
Shameena +445823666986 11
Shakii +445823645782 12
Shafiaa +445823562988 14
zabiaa +445823632983 12
mavisa +445823862988 13
Skoan +445824662972 13
Maakin +445826662988 15

UK College Girls Whatsapp Numbers.

If you are at the college level then you must be looking for college girl’s WhatsApp numbers. So here are some of the beautiful girl’s numbers.

Sunny Ash +445823662982 18
Johny Susha +445843772962 19
Sashe Banks +445823662973 17
Natalya Firoza +4458236629377 16
Stephen Macmahon +445864662982 19
Shriya Shapa +445823662983 20
Fina siza +445823662926 19
Pasa ass +445823252982 17
Stasa ash +445263662982 19
Fasa Ash +445823662909 21
Sharo +445823662989 22
Froqa  +4458236629782 19
Fakaro +445823667582 17
Samia +445823665682 17
Szuku +445823662382 18

UK University Girls Whatsapp Numbers.

If you are at the university level then you must be looking for a university girl’s WhatsApp number. So here are some of the beautiful girl’s numbers

Olivia +445783345655 24
Amila +445783545651 25
Isla +445783342651 21
Ava +445783343652 26
Sophia +4457833456345 27
Lily +445783343623 21
Amelia +445783345655 20
Rosie +445783345455 27
Livy +445783345652 29


UK Call Girls Numbers

If you are at the college level then you must be looking for college girl’s WhatsApp numbers. So here are some of the beautiful girl’s numbers

Oliva +445783343682 30
Stylo +445763345651 32
Khadi +445483325646 35
Ishqiya +445782245651 29
Pari +445782245617 24
Shaoa +4457833477555 27
Olio +4457833456545 29
Sylio +4457833456435 31
ylio +445783345455 27
Oriya +445783345423 28
Viyla +445783345612 20
Samilya +445783345662 21
Sariya +445783345687 28
Caniya +445783345612 25
Canivea +445783345662 29
Zoha Avi +445783345655 25
Amana  +445783345650 29
Stpha +445783345640 38
Daniya +445783345610 33
Sapha +445783345620 21
Jospeha +445783345630 36

Tips to Get Instant Reply from UK Girls:

If you want to get instantly reply from uk girls then you need to following these things.

  • Message in a really trick way. 
  • Never message like this “Hi” or “Hello”.
  • Message in a decent way.
  • Never ask for a picture in first try.
  • Never send your picture in first message.


Today we discussed the UK girls WhatsApp numbers . I have shared hundreds of  WhatsApp numbers. Just message them humbly and make good friends. But keep in mind that you should not break the rules i have explained above. Like never call on first try. Never send your pictures without her permission and never ask for her pictures at first try. If you make sure that these things are okay then you will definitely get a reply from uk girl.

Elena Stefan

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