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What is FIA constable salary in 2021?

The approximate salary of an FIA constable is nearly Rs 50,364.00/=. The minimum basic salary of FIA constable is Rs 10260 and their basic salary and pay are 25260. If we talk about the increment of these constables, so it is about Rs 500/annum.

FIA Constable salary in 2021

An FIA constable can earn 5000 PKR per month. However, this is the average calculated salary including Honorarium, house rent ceiling, and other things such as allowance and benefits.

Following is the unofficial monthly salary statement by the Government of Pakistan:

  • Basic Pay = 10260 PKR
  • Fixed TA/DA = 8800 PKR
  • Monthly Investigation All (equal to 60%) = 7055 PKR
  • Adhoc Relief All 2016 10% = 644 PKR
  • Adhoc Relief All 2017 10% = 1026 PKR
  • Adhoc Relief All 2018 10% = 1026 PKR
  • Adhoc Relief All 2019 10% = 10260 PKR
  • Convey Allowance 2005 = 2720 PKR
  • Utility Allowance 25% = 2942 PKR
  • Anti-on crime Alloq 50% = 5630 PKR
  • FIA Allowance 20% = 2354 PKR
  • Medical Allowance = 1500 PKR
  • House Rent ceiling = 6500PKR

Thus, the gross pay will be equal to 51,984.00 PKR.

Gross Pay = Rs 51,984.00/=

GPF Subscription: 890 – Benevlfund: 288:

Income Tax: 91 – Deductions: 1224.00

Gross Pay (Rs: 984.00 – Deductions 1269 – Net Pays: 50,364.00)

Qualification for joining FIA as a constable

The minimum Qualification required for being a constable in FIA is matric; however, you will be paid with respect to your education, and also with respect to your amount of time.

The minimum height required for getting into FIA is 5.6 inches. Therefore, if your height is above 5.6 inches or 5.6 inches, then there is a probability of getting into FIA.

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FIA Constable Salary Packages:

A constable can earn a maximum of 60K to 63K salary with the scale of BS 05 starting package. Nevertheless, if any candidate has more education than the requirement, then there is some probability of some increased income. In easier terms, we mean to say that if any candidate has inter education and the requirement is matric education, so increase in salary is possible in this case as the organization is federal. In addition to it, salary can also be increased if the candidate has more duration of the service.

After every year, you spend as a constable in FIA, it worths a lot; ultimately, it will also impact your salary and increase it by a higher ratio.

The post of constable is divided into two categories in FIA. The first category is that the candidate should come directly recruitment, and the second one is obvious, by promotion. Therefore,  if you are appointed as a fresh candidate, then you will be on the post of having scale 05. Since the salary of scale 05 constable is nearly 50000 rupees.

On the contrary, if a candidate is promoted from class 04 post to class 05, so the salary will be greater than the fresher ones. The basic reason for this difference in salary is that the duration of service matters a lot for the salary of constables. Therefore, their salary will increase to approximately 62000 to 65000 for the second category of candidates.

FIA Constable Salary Allowance Details:

Other allowance details are:

  • Free medical facilities all family members
  • Excellent salary
  • Interest-free loan
  • Free scholarships for children
  • Adj Honoriuam
  • Disability insurance policy
  • Reimbursement of medical bills
  • Housing hiring allowance
  • other allowance

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After reading this article, you can easily understand how FIA constable salary packages work, and how these salaries are calculated. We have also provided a link by which you can apply for the FIA job online.

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