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100+ Real & Active Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan To Join – Pakistani Girls Groups

WhatsApp Groups Links Pakistan:

Greetings to all, today I will discuss the “Pakistani WhatsApp group links” of the year 2021. As we all know, Pakistan is a country in which millions of people use the internet and mobile data. The total population of Pakistan is 216 million out of which approximately 77 million public are internet users. It shows that 35% of our public are internet users. We shared 100+ Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan.

In Pakistan, approximately all the internet users have installed WhatsApp in their Androids and they are using it on daily basis.


Basically, it is messaging app linked with Facebook. It is free to use and easily installed on your Androids and smartphones. In order to use this app, an internet connection is required that is either 4G, 3G, 2G, or wifi- connection. You can send messages and even call your friend, no matter where you are, it just requires an internet connection. Moreover, you can send and receive documents, photos, videos, voice messages and you can video call your friend using this app.


This app contains a lot of impressive features.

Free calls: You can call your friends and relatives without any cost using WhatsApp calling.

Multimedia: You can also send your documents, pictures, and videos to your friends.

No Login required: WhatsApp requires no login contrary to the other apps. You will always remain logged in and receive each notification.

WhatsApp Web: Using Whatsapp web you can send and receive messages from your desktop browser.

Group chats: You can also create different WhatsApp and enjoy chatting with your family members and friends and remain in touch with them.

Quick connection with your contacts: Whatsapp uses your contact list and quickly connected with your relatives who have a Whatsapp account.

WhatsApp groups in Pakistan:

Approximately every internet user in Pakistan uses Whatsapp. So, there are a lot of Whatsapp groups available in Pakistan. On Whatsapp groups, you can do a lot of things, you are able to chat with your friends, communicate with your family members, interact with the public, and remain in touch with the whole world.

There are 1.5 billion active Whatsapp users that are 2/10 part of the whole world population. So, there are different types of Whatsapp groups like hot girls, business-related groups, Islamic groups, funny groups, news related groups, education-related groups, political groups, job opportunities groups, and many others. in order to join a particular group, there are a few terms and conditions that you must follow. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the group by the Admin of that particular group

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Terms and conditions

Before joining a particular group, you should agree with the terms and conditions. A few common are,

  1. You have to provide your phone number.
  2. Your Proper name.
  3. You must agree with the rules of that group.

Rules Before Joining WhatsApp Group Links:

There are a lot of rules you have to follow. In case, if you go against the rules, you will be removed from that group. These are,

  1. The first and most important rule is not to use abusive language.
  2. Do not message anyone personally.
  3. You are not allowed to send your photos and videos to the group.
  4. Do not send any irrelevant messages and data.
  5. You are not allowed to spam the group.
  6. You should remain active every time.
  7. Do not mute the notifications of the group.
  8. You will always try to spread happiness and do not target anyone personally.
  9. Do not message in the group from 11 to 6 o’clock unless it is an emergency.
  10. Only Pakistanis and Pakistan lovers are allowed to join the group.
  11. Always give importance to others’ points of view and hear everyone properly.
  12. Only Pakistani posts and videos are allowed to send to the group.

How To Join The Pakistani WhatsApp Group Links:

In order to join a particular Whatsapp group, you should follow the rules. At the very first, you have to choose a particular group link you want to join. Then, you have to click on the link you have selected. Then, this group is automatically directed towards your Whatsapp account. Now, you have to open Whatsapp, you will be asked to join that group. Then click on join and now you are a member of that group you want to be.

Few Links










WhatsApp Funny Videos Group Link Pakistan

Mostly our public searches for funny jokes on the internet in order to get some fun. Because, nowadays, everyone is busy in his own affairs. No one has any time not only for others but also not for enjoying his own life. In such a situation, where everyone has his own headache, jokes and funny videos bring a smile on one’s face and release the tensions. In order to get happy, join WhatsApp funny videos group links available in Pakistan. Click on the link and join the group as mentioned above and enjoy watching funny videos and jokes.










WhatsApp Group Link Pakistan Girl

It is a natural phenomenon that there is an attraction between male and female. The majority of our youth show attraction towards the young girls. They want to communicate with them but they are afraid to talk directly with each other. Therefore, they use certain messaging apps in order to communicate with each other. So they search on the internet and try to find out the numbers or group links of each other. Here, we have given a lot of WhatsApp group of girls. If you want to join a particular group, then follow the terms and conditions described above.





Pakistan News WhatsApp Group Link

We all are living in a world of fun, and enjoyment in which we have to hear different types of news, some are humorous and some are boring. Why we heard the news? Of course, we want to know the current affairs happening in the world. Did you know? If not then join the WhatsApp newsgroup links in order to remain aware of the current issues happening not only in Pakistan but also in the whole. These groups will provide you 24/7 news update.




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