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Easy essay on CPEC in English with outline [2021]

The hot essay topic for all boards of Pakistan is an easy essay on CPEC in English. What you’ve been looking for is a long but easy essay on CPEC in English with outline of 2021. Hence, We’ve gathered some best coaching center essays to make a better and easier one. You can also write the below essay as CPEC Essay 2021, the importance of CPEC short essay, and essay on cpec in urdu.

Easy Essay on CPEC in English of 2021:

CPEC is the abbreviation of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Everyone knows the friendship of China and Pakistan. One can not say that China is a selfish country because it helps Pakistan in every difficulty, so Pakistani people should accept this fact and show some love towards Chinese people. The CPEC program will not only help people living in Pakistan by giving them job opportunities to a great extent but also engage other countries to invest in Pakistan.

CPEC Project is continued which aims to provide excellent job opportunities for Pakistanis and Chinese, and it also works on projects like great infrastructure projects. Its intention is basically to build a route to connect the Gawadar Port to China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, by a highly developed network of roads, highways, pipelines.

The reality of the faithfulness of this project is seen when the network will be connected to Africa, South Asia, and other continents. It is easier to say that CPEC is a door that opens great opportunities for Pakistan in the future. For now, It costs up to $47 billion which is not only a high amount but also impacts everyone in Pakistan by decreasing the ratio of poverty.

Furthermore, It also affects the GDP of Pakistan. According to the opinions and guesses of experts, this CPEC project is going to make Pakistan an economical hub. It also has been calculated that the project will be completed by 2025. People from China and Pakistan are working hard with great enthusiasm for benefit of their countries.  Therefore, we should encourage our people and leaders to do this great project fastly.

Easy Essay on CPEC in English with outline:

Outlining an essay is the essential part and gives a good impact on teachers. Here’s how you can write an easy essay on CPEC in English with online:

1. Introduction:
a Everlasting friendship of Pakistan and China
b Karakoram highway
2. CPEC: Why it is a great opportunity?
a Geography of CPEC
b Infrastructure
c Intentions and reasons of CPEC
3. Opportunities for Pakistan and CHina
a Development of the Western areas of China
b Extend trade relations between two countries
c Benefits to Chines companies
4. Advantages for Pakistan
a End of load-shedding
b Increment of GDP 
c less amount of electric and oil bill
d Development of the fewer privilege areas
5. Pathway to progress
a China and Pakistan are working together to build the one path
b Should Pakistan maintain this CPEC Project?
c Insurance of environmental protection
d Industrial equilibrium
6. Conclusion

Easy Essay on CPEC in English and CPEC Quotations:

Adding quotations to an essay will also help you to gain good numbers. Following are some CPEC Quotations which you can use in your essay:

01) CPEC can be a game-changer for Pakistan.

02) CPEC is an alternative to good friendship with China.

03) CPEC – A way to increment the GDP of Pakistan.

04) CPEC attracts other countries.

05) CPEC is likely a blessing for unemployed people.

You can easily use the above CPEC Quotations in your easy essay on CPEC in English.

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