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Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages 2022- Ooredoo mobile internet

Are you searching for best Ooredoo Oman internet packages. Today I am here to discuss about Ooredoo, the mobile sim of Oman, which offers some handsome packages. It offers two types of packages, prepaid and postpaid.so, lets discuss some of the packages.

Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages.

Ooredoo) is a Qatari international telecommunications company whose headquarter is in Doha, Qatar. Ooredoo delivers mobile, wireless, wireline, and range services with a market stake in international telecommunication markets, and in business (companies and individuals).

It includes in firstmost networks to launch commercial 5G services in Qatar and is one of the world’s biggest mobile telecommunications businesses, having 115 million customers worldwide as of 2018. Ooredoo has functions in 10 nations across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, including Algeria, Indonesia, Palestine, Myanmar, Iraq, Kuwait, Maldives, Oman, Qatar, and Tunisia.

Oman sim Ooredoo offers different prepaid internet packages. following table will best describe you different types of packages, you can choose easily the best data packages in Oman which are suitable to you.

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Price Data Validity Activation
RO 0.50 0.250 GB 1 Day *555*53#
RO 1 1 GB 1 Day *555*21#
RO 1 0.400 GB 1 Week *555*83#
RO 2 1.5 GB 1 Week *555*84#
RO 4 5 GB 1 Week *555*85#
RO 3 2 GB 4 Week *555*22#
RO 5 4 GB 4 Week *555*23#
RO 7 6 GB 4 Week *555*81#
RO 10 12 GB 4 Week *555*69#
RO 20 25 GB 12 Week *555*26#

ooredoo 5 riyal internet package.

This sim provides us 5 riyal internet package also .This package offers different packages at a very handsome price starting from RO 0.50 to RO 20, which is very impressive price packages. And it has validity from 1 day upto 12 weeks, its up to you to choose which packages suits you best.

Ooredoo Adds-on is user friendly package which is so cheaper that everyone can afford it at a very handsome price. The activation code for these packages are given in the table above. You can subscribe them by just clicking on them.


Price Data Social Media Local Call Cross Minutes Validity
RO 2 1 GB 500 MB 50 min 25 min 7 Days
RO 3.5 1.5 GB 500 MB 50 min 28 Days
RO 5 7 GB 1 GB  50 min 7 Days
RO 6 3 GB 1.5 GB 100 min 25 min 28 Days
RO 9 8 GB 2 GB 250 min 35 min 28 Days
RO 12 15 GB 300 min 50 min 28 Days
RO 18 30 GB   600 min 75 min 28 Days
  •  Activation : For activation dial  *555#
  • Cross Minutes :Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Local Call
  • Social Media : Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Ooredoo Hala Plans are new Ooredoo Prepaid Plans.

Ooredoo new Hala package is a new package of Ooredoo sim, it is combo of call and internet package which offers different types of packages and its validity is from 7 days upto 28 days. And it gives you local call minutes from 50mins upto 600mins, and it gives cross network minutes, means communication in other countries from 25mins to 75mins, which is a very great thing of this package.

it also gives social media data starting from 500MB to 2GB, its price range starts from RO 2 to RO 18, which is again a very handsome price.it has only one activation key which is above discussed. You have to dial that code and it will give you some menu for package activation, you have to subscribe that one package which you want.


OMR Data Validity Activation
2 RO Unlimited 1 Day *555*888#

Ooredoo Oman internet packages offers you an unlimited data plan for 1day, means you can use data unlimited within 24 hours, there is no data limit, And you can get this handsome offer only in 2 RO, which is again a very decent price, the activation code for this package is in above table.


Price Data Bonus Data Validity Activation
RO 1 300 MB 10 Days *115*3*Recharge Code#
RO 2 1 GB 0.5 GB 10 Days
RO 3 1.5 GB 30 Days
RO 5 3 GB 3 GB 30 Days
RO 10 12 GB 4 GB 30 Days
  • To Check the Balance Dial : *102*3#
  • Bonus Data Validity : 5 Days Only.

this package offers you internet packages which gives you bonus data along with given data. This Package has activation code which is listed above, you can also check balance at the given code. the price range for this package starts from RO1 to RO10, and its validity is from 10days upto 30days, and it gives data ranging from 300MB to 12GB, and also bonus data ranging from 0.5GB to 4GB, its upto you to subscribe that which package suits you most. you can also check balance dialing the given code.


OMR Local Call Validity Activation
RO 1.050  40 min 30 Days *555*240#
RO 2.100 100 min 30 Days *555*101#
RO 3.150 200 min 30 Days *555*201#
RO 3.150 Unlimited 7 Days *555*999#
  • For Main Balance Dial :    *102#
  • For Easy Credit/ Loan Credit :  *222*123#
  • For Finding Your Mobile Number :  *141*29#
  • Ooredoo Oman Customer Care Number  : Call 1500
  • For transferring Ooredoo Data Dial :*222#

This package offers you local calls, means this is call package, by activating this you can communicate by voice all over the country. It gives limit from 40mins to 200mins or it can be unlimited depending upon you, its price range starts from RO 1.050 to RO 3.150, and its validity is from 7dayts to 30days. It has different activation code which are listed above, depending on your need.


Price with VAT Validity Subscribe Unsubscribe
0.525 Bz  One Day *141*600# *141*600*1#

This package is for youtube, which is unlimited and its validity is one day, which means you can use unlimited youtube within 24 hours, and its price with VAT is 0.525Bz which is a good one, subscribtion code is given above and it also have unsubscribtion code which is also liste\d above. By subscribing this package, you can watch unlimited videos on youtube.

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