Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong Daily Call Packages:

Zong Daily Call Packages. All of us want to communicate with each other. Nowadays, there are a lot of modern ways for communication including messaging apps, video calls, voice notes, pictures, videos, etc. But despite all that, the most common and genuine method of communication i.e “calling” has its own specialties. This is the common method used in past for communication.

There are different types of call packages offered by different franchises, but the most reasonable call packages are offered by Zong. This franchise offers different types of call packages, internet packages, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many others. It will offer you many kinds of call packages ranging from 20 minutes to unlimited at reasonable prices. For activating these packages, you have to install the MY Zong app.

Zong Daily Call Packages
Zong Daily Call Packages

My Zong App

This app is your digital friend that offers you to activate bundles, call packages, data usage details, and management of MBs. You have to log in to this app and then enjoy different reasonable offers. You have to just install this app on your Android. It also tells you about your recharges.


This app contains a lot of features. Now, we will discuss some smart features of this app.

Account details: This app will tell you about your account details. It shows the current balance in your account, how much of your balance will be utilized and how much is remaining.

Different offers and bundles: This app offers its clients different advanced and reasonable call packages, internet MBs, WhatsApp, and Facebook packages. This app informs you when a new bundle arises and also tells you its detail, charges, and tax.

Recharge: Using this app, you can easily recharge your phone online using your debit card or credit card. Also, you can get an instant loan when you are in an emergency.

Enjoy instant gaming: You can enjoy instant gaming on this app powered by “Huawei Ltd”.

Entertainment: You can enjoy informative magazines, news updates, Islamic portals, and also install different applications.

Profile setting: You can set your profile according to your wish. You can edit your name and paste any kind of photo you want.

MBB management: You can easily manage Zong MBBs by simply registering your phone number.

App language: You can also change app language if you want. Available app languages are English, Chinese, and Urdu.

How to install this app

For Android 

You can easily install this app on your Android from Play Store. You have to search this app on your browser and click on install in order to download this app. Then, you have to register your account and log in to your account and enjoy offers and bundles. This app offers you monthly, weekly, daily packages.

For Apple and iOS

In order to install this app on Apple or iOS, you have to visit the Apple APP store. Then, simply search the MY Zong app and click on the install button. After a few minutes, this app is installed on your device. now, you have to register your account. Put your Zong number and user name. Then, sign in to your account and enjoy using this app.

Zong daily call packages

Zong is a well-known mobile service in Pakistan and its users are increasing frequently. The reason behind the popularity of this mobile service is it provides excellent 3G and 4G signals to its users, different packages, and bundles at a very low cost. There are approximately 34 million Zong service users in Pakistan and their number is increasing day by day.

As we all know that Zong offers us a lot of calls, messaging, internet, WhatsApp, and Facebook packages. But, now we will only discuss Zong call packages. There are a variety of call packages offered by this app ranging from 20 minutes to unlimited time at reasonable charges.


1. Zong Full Gup Offer: In this package, Zong offers you 75 Zong minutes, 100 SMS, and 30MB WhatsApp data in just 5 rupees including all the taxes.


2. Zong super student package: This offer contains unlimited Zong minutes and 30 MB data in just 5 rupees for a day.


3. Zong student bundle offer: This offer contains 120 minutes only in just five rupees. And you can enjoy this offer the whole day.


4. Zong sixer plus package: In this package, you can enjoy unlimited Zong on-net minutes and 500 SMS in just Rs. 8. This offer lasts for one day only.


5. Unlimited offer day: You can activate this offer in just 12 rupees. This offer contains unlimited on not calls and 150 SMS for a single day.


6. Hello Daily bundle: This bundle needs only 13 rupees for its activation including all the taxes. In this offer, you can enjoy 150 Zong minutes, 150 SMS, and 50 MBs of internet data for a whole day.


Zong Shaandatr daily package: This package contains Unlimited free on-net minutes, 800 SMS, and 50 MBs of internet data. This offers lasts for a whole day. You can activate this offer for just 14 rupees.

8. Zong 2 hours call offer: In this offer, you can enjoy unlimited on-net calls and 30 MBs in 5 rupees only. This offer is valid for 2 hours only after its activation.

Zong daily call package code 2021

There are different types of activation codes in order to activate any offer. Similarly, Zong offers contains some codes. Now, we will a few of them.

Code for Daily Shaandar offer: In order to activate this offer, the code is “*999#.


Code for daily unlimited offer: The code for this offer is *522#.


Code for flutter offer: The code needed for the activation of this offer is *369#.


Code for hello offer: The code needed for this offer is *2200*1#.


Code for Zong 2 hours offer: The code is *5555#.


Code for Zong super call bundle: The code needed to activate this offer is *666#.

Zong daily call package to all networks

In Pakistan, Zong is a well-known mobile service and offers different bundles to its users. It also offers daily call packages to all networks at an affordable price. Now we will discuss some daily call packages to all networks offered by Zong that include full-day packages and a few hours packages.

Zong non-stop package: This offers contains unlimited Zong minutes and you can activate this offer in just 10 rupees.

Zong perfect package: In this offer, you can enjoy 10000 minutes, 500 SMS, and 40 MBs of internet data. You can activate this offer in just 12 rupees.

Zong daily call package deactivate code:

In order to deactivate and Zong daily call package, you have to send “unsub” to the activation code of that offer.

For Example

If you want to deactivate the “Hello Offer”, you have to send “unsub” to “4952”.

How to activate Zong daily call package

There are different ways to activate different offers. In order to activate any offer, you have to follow a few common steps. First, you have to find out that particular offer you want to activate. Then, you have to dial the activation code mentioned. The activation code of every offer is different. So, you have to carefully dial that code. And then simply send a message or call on it. Now, that offer is activated on your mobile and you can use this offer till up to its validity time.

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