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Chemical Spray on Doctors has made many young doctors ill | #chemicalsprayondoctors

Chemical spray on doctors made many young doctors strictly ill. Members of the Young Doctors Association while finishing their objection in Lahore on Sunday gave a 24-hour requirement to the federal government to take aback National Licensing Examination (NLE), oppositely, they will stage a protest sit-in outside the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) in Islamabad.

Chemical Spray on Doctors

As things changed worse throughout the protest in Lahore on Sunday, the police peppered Chemical Spray on Doctors in a bid to stop them from moving towards the NLE examination centre site.

The doctors claimed that the police used strong-arm tactics while handling their well-disposed protest. During the clash with the police organization, several doctors collapsed and many others doctors came ill.

Young Doctors postpone NLE protest,

Lahore’s young doctors first declared to stop work in the OPDs after their partners opposing licensing exam disagreed with the police but later took back their announcement.

On Friday, a heavy police contingent was present when young doctors had reached at Barkat Market in Lahore to protest against a licensing exam launched recently by the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC).

It is important to mention here that the Pakistan Medical Commission has stated that to practice in Pakistan, doctors will have to get a licensing exam after finishing five years of education.

MBBS examiners from outside are to be examined this year. While young doctors say the further examination is cheating because they had already reached the same exam to get their MBBS degrees. After the protest and clash on Friday, the PMC suspended the exam, which was being taken on Sunday (August 29).

Young doctors give 24-hour ultimatum to take back NLE

Lahore, 29t August: Young Doctors and students have suspended the protest against the National Licensing Exam (NLE), giving the officials 24 hours to accept their demands.

Young Doctors have once again complained against the National Licensing Examination (NLE) outside Examination Center.

Once again Young Doctors complain against NLE at the Examination Center

According to the circumstances, the agitators said that if the demands are not met, they may think closing the OPDs, which will remain till their demands are approved. The protestors also ask that if their demands are not listened within 24 hours, they will remain a sit-in outside the PMC hospital in Islamabad, which will remain till the demands are supported.

On the other hand, police officials say that after the suspension of protests, students and Young doctors have dispersed and regular traffic is now opened for all.

It is to be noted that the young doctors have again assumed outside the study center today to complain against the National Licensing Examination (NLE). Doctors and students formed the road from Barkat Market to Kalma Chowk. While police also used Chemical Spray on Doctors to separate the protesters.

In the meantime, people on social media have completely proscribed the use of pepper spray by police against the protestors. According to reports, several doctors are under serious diseases as a result of the chemical spraying by police officials.

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