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A journey through another world raising kids while adventuring All Chapters

You are reading Manga season A journey through another world raising kids while adventuring on articleairbrain.com. It is the latest manga season. Its three chapters are released. You can watch the chapters below. Manga works on

A Journey Through Another World Raising Kids While Adventuring:

Takumi gets accidentally killed by the wind god Syl and is reborn and called to another world. After presenting Takumi with his most heartfelt apologies, Syl grants Takumi a new set of skills and ships him to the world of Ellesia, where Syl takes over as the new head of the team and takes over the world of Ellesia.

However, this new world is an extended forest filled with scary monsters… In the forest, Takumi sees a young boy and girl who seem to be twins. He is anxious for their safety and calls Alan and Elena, but decides to leave them alone.

He soon finds out to his surprise they can beat a monster with their empty hands. The three reach a town, and Takumi chooses to register at a guild to create a living. He starts his life as a runner while caring for the two children. An isekai story about a runner with two kids!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Elena Stefan

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